10 Reasons why Core Exercises are the Key to Fitness Success


10 Reasons why Core Exercises are the Key to Fitness Success

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People spend most of their time at the gym performing a range of cardio and resistance workouts. While they see results, they are not as profound as they hoped it would be. Moreover, we know that many do not feel the positive effects of their exercises. Chances are that your exercise routine is missing core exercises.

So, just why are core exercises so vital to fitness success? Why is it that every best fitness bootcamp in Singapore includes core exercises in their routines? We have 10 great reasons to explain why!

1.     They Improve Posture

A host of strength and cardio exercises improve your overall well being but what about your posture? More often than not, you may exercise and come workout the next day unable to properly stretch or maintain correct posture.

Core exercises work numerous muscle groups, especially your abdominal muscles, and thus help you stand and move with good posture. As a result, your form during any exercise remains both strong and correct, allowing you to gain more out of it with less pain.

If you want greater muscle strength and stamina, with better posture, core exercises are important.

2.     They Lay the Foundation for Better Abs

As you probably know, core exercises are a great way to gain amazing abdominal muscles. But what makes core exercises really great is they strengthen your core muscle groups and thus help you gain not only more visible, but stronger abs as well. As such, every abdominal crunch you perform will be more effective than ever.

As such, core muscles not only help burn belly fat, it helps strengthen your abs, making them stronger and more visible than ever before.

3.     They Alleviate Back Pain

Core exercises improve your posture by strengthening your core muscles. As a result, you can walk and exercise with good form and therefore alleviate any back pain you may experience during or after your workouts. Slowly, as your posture improves, your back pain will alleviate. As such, core exercises are the key to fitness success because they alleviate your back pain.

4.     They Ensure Performance in other Exercises

When your abdominal muscles and posture improves, your back pain will decrease. As such, it will allow you to perform your workouts for longer, and combined with better form, will allow you to do them more effectively. This is why core exercises are the key to fitness success.

5.     They Reduce the Chance of Injury

When you perform your exercises properly, and in good form, then the chances of incurring an injury reduces dramatically. For example, when your posture improves, your spinal column remains relatively straight. As such, you will feel less pain when performing exercises such as rowing. With good posture, your form improves and thus reduces the chance of incurring a wrist injury during the same exercise.

This ensures that you do not skip the next few days due to an avoidable injury.

6.     They Improve Numerous Muscle Groups

As the name suggests, core exercises strengthen your core muscles. These are the muscles required to keep your body stable, moving and working effectively. As they improve, so will other muscles in youor body.

7.     They Enhance your Balance

During certain exercises such as planking and muscle squats and activities such as mountain climbing and tightrope walking, you need to have good balance. While regular exercises improve your muscle strength and your stamina, they do not improve your balance. By strengthening your core muscles, you gain plenty of balance.

8.     Ensures Greater Power Transfer

Most people assume that core exercises simply strengthen your core muscles. In truth, they do more than that. Any core exercise helps to tighten your abdominal muscles and therefore ensure that more power is transferred to your other muscles. This ensures a dramatic improvement in results and effectiveness.

9.     Helps you Eliminate the Last grams of Fat

We know that many of you have often struggled with the last few grams of fat. The great thing about core exercises is that they help you strengthen and tighten your abdominal muscles and therefore help you lose those last stingy grams of fat.

10.   It Enhances your Breathing

Since most core exercises require you to “hold” for a while, it teaches you how to breathe with greater control. As a result, not only does lung improvement ensure longer exercises, it helps improve your breathing out of them, allowing you to live a healthier life.

Almost every fitness bootcamp in Singapore includes core exercises in their workout sessions. With a host of different exercises available, including them in your workout should not be a problem. Once included, they will help you feel and perform better than ever before, both before, during and after you work out. As such, if you want the key to fitness success, then core exercises are it.