13 Hacks for Weight Loss, Injury Recovery, Muscle Building and Getting Stronger


13 Hacks for Weight Loss, Injury Recovery, Muscle Building and Getting Stronger

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13 Hacks for Weight Loss, Injury Recovery, Muscle Building and Getting Stronger


Knee Pain Hacks #1
Foam rolling and massage
Foam rolling is one of the best things you can do for knee health. Roll on everything — gluteals, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. Take the tension off the knee and all the muscle insertions that cross the knee.
Keep those knees safe

Fitness hacks #2
Don’t go to the gym.
PAY yourself for each time that you workout.

Fitness Hacks #3
No time ?
Work out daily for only 9 minutes at 100% effort


To develop POWER, workout 10secs and rest 50secs. Repeat 9 times for 1 set, Eg, sprint
To develop STRENGTH, workout for 20secs and rest 40secs. Repeat 9 times for 1 set. Eg, kettlebell swing
To develop ENDURANCE, workout 40secs and rest 20secs. Repeat 9 times for 1 set. Eg, burpees


Fitness hacks #4
Lift Challenge
The next time you approach a lift, don’t ride it, Challenge it !
Press your level. If its your 1st time, you’re allowed to slow down the lift. Eg, if you’re on the 6th floor, you can press level 3 to slow down the lift.
Release the button and Go !

Weekend Diet Hacks #5
Drink Before a Each Meal
The practice of drinking a full glass of water prior to each meal is a sneaky way of telling your gut not to eat too much. Water literally fills the stomach’s empty space creating a feeling of fullness subtly coaxing your brain into thinking that a big meal is off the menu.

Sleeping Hacks #6
Sleeping after a BIG meal
Need to sleep after that BIG meal ?
Make sure you’re on your left side
The stomach is higher than the oesophagus when you sleep on your right; thus allowing food and stomach acid to go up to your throat.
Left position also helps to reduce nighttime heartburn symptoms.
Ready. Set. Sleep.

Morning Hacks #7
Morning Boost
Drink a glass of cold water after waking up. It’ll boost your metabolism as well as shock your body into action !

Lunch Hacks #8
Fishy Fishy
Have more fish for lunch. Omega 3 for brain development and function, reduce risk of stroke and dementia.
Aunty, less rice, fish bigger !

Fat loss Hacks #9
Cold Shower
A 2009 study found that exposure to extreme cold temperatures activated brown fat in 23 and 24 participants by a 15-fold increase, leading to a healthy fat loss.
Time for that cold shower !

Fat Loss Hacks #10
Lunch time fat loss
Ginger is a spice that will help you get rid of fat specifically, not just overall body weight. This is important when trying to hack your weight loss because you want to make sure that it’s fat you’re losing and not simply water weight or muscle mass.
Add a teaspoon or a tablespoon to your lunch and observe yourself shrinking …… over time ……….

Appetite Hacks #11
In 2009 researchers at the Yale School of Medicine found that appetite is primarily regulated by the amount of free-radicals in your system.
Eating a diet heavy in antioxidants would therefore appear to not only help with recovery from training and better sleep, but also appetite control.
Grab that cup of green tea !

Mental Hacks #12 – Strength Building and Injury Recovery
If you’re looking to build strength or recover from an injury, don’t underestimate the power of the mind.
A 2014 study in which participants’ limbs were temporarily immobilized found that the people who did mental visualization exercises were able to regain limb strength faster than those who didn’t use visualization techniques.
Time to visualize those MUSCLES !

Fat Loss / Muscle Gain Hack #13
The BEST lifts for fat loss and muscle gain are compound lifts
Squats, Deadlift, Power cleans.
No weights ? Use rice bags, sofa, vase. Use your imagination!