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2 Ways Fight Aches and Pains for People Who Stand All Day

If you stand all day every day in your job, you will inevitably develop stiffness. These techniques will help correct some of the problems that excessive time in an immobile position may cause.   The first technique focuses on your hips. If you do not take breaks from standing with other activities such as walking, your…
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3 Biggest Workout Mistakes

When it comes to exercise, mistakes happen. We all make them. Here are the 3 biggest workout mistakes commonly made.  1) Avoiding Strength Training Cardio-only workouts are ok to do once in a while, but if you’re not strength training, you’re missing out on some big benefits. Strength training doesn’t have to involve doing heavy shoulder presses or…
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Split Training for A Better Looking You

If you’re new to the gym, you’re quickly figuring out that fitness has a language all its own. As you rest before attempting the next set of dips, another woman asks to “work in” on the assisted dip machine. She asks you, “Is it chest and tri day for you, too?”. You stare at her thinking,…
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10 Foods That Will Accelerate the Fat Burning Process

For all those who are trying to lose weight, health practitioners suggest that a combination of a healthy diet and exercise can help them shed the extra pounds.  If you are also trying to lose weight then switching to certain foods can actually help you accelerate the fat burning process in your body and lose…
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Couples Workout

Here are some tips on how to spend more time with your partner while exercising  more.   1. Boxing Punch 50 straights (standard punches, pictured below) and perform 5 squats. Do 5 to 10 sets. Punch 50 uppercuts and do 6 step lunges. Do 5 to 10 sets. Punch 50 hooks and do 5 sit-ups (5 to 10…
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3 Ways to Burn Fat Faster

The key to fat loss is calories. You have to expend more than you consume. There are two ways to do this: burn more calories with exercise and eat fewer calories.   Gain Muscle Over 60% of the calories you burn are from your body’s resting metabolic rate (RMR), which is the amount of energy…
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3 Frugal-Friendly Diet Plans

If you think that the only things that comes between you and your goal to lose weight effectively is money, then you then this article will help you take a look into three frugal friendly diet plans.  These diet plans are not only economic and effective but will also fulfill your nutritional needs besides promoting…
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Alkali Foods – 30 Must Haves In Your Diet

Almost all foods we eat, after they have been digested, break down into either an acidic or alkaline base. On that basis: Fresh fruit, vegetables, roots, nuts, and legumes are all good. Dates, figs, grapefruit, lemon, lime, fennel, broccoli, artichoke, asparagus, beetroot, kale, spinach, watercress and cauliflower are considered the most alkaline. Alkali foods can…
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