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1. You Are Not Running Running for one hour (assuming a 160lb person) burns 606 calories at a 5mph pace and 861 calories at a 8mph pace. That is equivalent to jumping rope for 60 minutes. Furthermore, the intensity at which running takes place can create an after-burn process called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). EPOC…
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Does A Healthy Body Promote A Healthy Mind?

  The mind and body are connected and emotions play a large part in determining one’s physical status. The mind and body balance is important as it is a feedback loop and they both thrive on each other. Each of us strives hard to lose weight whereas we should be trying to maintain a healthy…
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How To Get SuperSpeed Like The Flash

When you sprint, you are working more muscles with more power. By running shorter distances at faster speeds you will build muscle and burn fat just like lifting heavy weights in the weight room.   You should stay at around 80% of your top speed to get the most out of your training. Running at 100% effort…
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Increase your LUNG POWER

Just as we strength-train our hamstrings and calves to improve our ability to power over hills, we can tone the muscles used for breathing. Pushing Out Assume an upright posture, preferably standing on flat ground. Keeping both knees loose, bend over from the waist, simultaneously pushing out all air from your lungs. Slowly return to…
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Power Smoothie To Boost Your Morning

Filled with healthy fats, protein, fiber, and enough calories to get you going — it’ll focus on what you really need to get over that morning bump. The SECRET? You can prepare many of these ingredients the night before. That way, you just have to pop them in the blender, pour the smoothie into your reusable cup, and…
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Healthy Delicious Recipes for Mother’s Day and Other Days !

Mother’s Day is over but we can always use these healthy recipes any day !     Passion Fruit Mimosas Toast to the important women in your life with this citrusy cocktail. These drinks are sweet, bright, and effervescent—just like Mom! Ingredients: Grenadine, passion fruit juice, prosecco, oranges   Cranberry-Citrus Muffins Pull a pan of…
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The Avengers Workout – THOR

  The god of thunder. His weapon, Mjölnir, one of the most powerful weapons in his realm – or in any realm. It can only be wielded by one master. And that master is Thor. If you’ve ever done sledge-hammer slams, or medball slams (similar movement), you’ll know that wielding a hammer with any significant amount of weight…
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Lose Weight While You Snooze.

Here are 5 science-backed suggestions to lose weight while you snooze     1. Set strict kitchen hours Nighttime fasting—aka closing the kitchen early—may help you lose more weight, even if you eat more food throughout the day, according to a study in the journal Cell Metabolism. Researchers put groups of mice on a high-fat, high-calorie…
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