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tips from top athletes

Tips from The Best Athletes In The World

These days, professional athletes are competing better, and for far longer, than ever before. It’s not just because nutrition has gotten better, either—it’s because athletes—and their coaches—are starting to understand how the body needs to train to stay nimble, agile, and flexible even as the natural aging process starts to take hold. Here, we have compiled…
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caffeine to boost performance

How to Improve Your Sports Performance With Caffeine

Caffeine is a performance-enhancing drug that’s legal, cheap, and easy to get: chances are you had some this morning. More importantly, it actually does make you better at sports, which is more than you can say for a lot of supplements marketed to athletes. You just have to know how to use it strategically. How…
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best core training for athletes

The Ultimate Munster Abs Workout List for Athletes

  Athletes spend hours every day training, building their muscles, and perfecting their skills. Training is more than a hobby, and more than just for health. Even so, their workouts may be way more intense than ours, but we can still adapt their workouts into something that us mere mortals can do. Here is our…
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