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Best Apps for Exercise To Start Using Today

Some of the apps highlighted here are tracking tools. You can log workouts, count calories eaten, and collect stats about all your runs to see overtime how you’re improving. Fitness apps can also be coaching apps that put you in touch with a personal trainer or nutritionist who will check in with you once a…
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3 Benefits of Cross Training

If you ask other athletes to name a benefit of cross-training, all of them will mention injury prevention. But although injury prevention is by far the most widely recognized benefit of cross-training among athletes, it’s hardly the only one. Athletes can also use cross-training to rehabilitate injuries, improve fitness, promote recovery, enhance motivation, rejuvenate the mind and…
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3 Pillars of Optimum Health

Here I will outline what I believe are the 3 pillars of optimal health — in other words, the 3 lifestyle factors you can manage to improve your health. These are all based on sound science. The 3 pillars are: nutrition, physical fitness, and stress control. I will cover these 3 pillars here without going into too much detail. It goes without…
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How Pokemon Go is tricking you into fitness

For the uninitiated: Pokémon GO is an app, built by Nintendo and Niantic, Inc., in cooperation with The Pokémon Group. Technically billed as a mobile game, it leverages a few basic smartphone technologies—GPS and camera, mostly—to merge the fictional, digital world of Pikachus and Pokémon Gyms with the physical, wholly real world of sidewalks and…
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8 Things To Do When Your Gym Closed Down On You

So your gym has closed down ? Forget about getting your deposit or money back. Once a gym has closed down, the company will protect its assets and that means no one has the power to get their money back. What do you do ? Here are some suggestions.   Stop whining and move on…
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4 minutes Exercise Tabata For Anyone To Start

Bodyweight training, when done right (and well) can truly enhance your body aesthetic. It can get your heart rate up and leave you in a pile of your own sweat if you’re willing to get serious with it. And Tabata training — eight, 20-second segments of work followed by 10 seconds of rest—definitely qualifies as…
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5 Reasons You Should Skip Your Workout

Sometimes when we miss a workout, we know full well that we are just making “the dog ate my homework” types of excuses that wouldn’t fool anyone—not even you! But then there are the times when we have a valid reason for skipping a workout. Sometimes life really does get in the way. Sometimes you…
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Part 1 Interview With Fandi Ahmad : Singapore Football Legend

    In this first interview with Singapore football legend, Fandi Ahmad, we discover how he prepare himself mentally and physically before each game. Pay close attention as he reveal his tips to become Singapore’s football legend.   Just some of Fandi Ahmad Achievements – By the time he was 15, Fandi had become a…
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