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4 minutes Exercise Tabata For Anyone To Start

Bodyweight training, when done right (and well) can truly enhance your body aesthetic. It can get your heart rate up and leave you in a pile of your own sweat if you’re willing to get serious with it. And Tabata training — eight, 20-second segments of work followed by 10 seconds of rest—definitely qualifies as…
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3 Foot Strengthening Exercises to Improve Speed, Power, and Balance

When it comes to exercise, most people overlook two of the most important parts of their body – their feet. They train upper body, lower body, and core without even thinking to strengthen their feet.     But think about it. You use your feet to stand, walk, run, and balance. They serve as your…
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30 Days Munster Ab Challenge

Wouldn’t it be great to get firm, toned abs in 30 days? We created a challenge that will get you a six-pack in time for any event. You’ll not only look amazing — you’ll strengthen your core which will lessen your chance of back pain. Best of all, you can achieve this in just a…
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Knee Pushup? Stop Wasting Your Time!

In the proper push up position, the feet are together, glutes are squeezed, and the back is in a neutral position. In other words, there should be no sag in the back and everything should be tight. Then, the entire body should move in straight line, with no sag and with your elbows at approximately…
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How To Have A Butt Like Kim K – 3 Workouts To Achieve Your Goal

  It was the work ethics and regular exercises, especially the ‘wide squats technique’ that made her butt look bigger and firm. So, if you’re planning to build your butt, then Kim Kardashian should be your inspiration. Kim doesn’t like her workouts to be long, in fact, she likes them to be short and intense.…
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Staying Fit without hitting the Gym (for Women)

Staying Fit without hitting the Gym (for Women)

  When it comes to physical fitness, most people (not just women) believe that to achieve the most gains, they should head to the gym. With the all the equipment and facilities provided by a gym, it can certainly be of great help to those looking to shed a few pounds.But there is a recurring…
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