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Power Smoothie To Boost Your Morning

Filled with healthy fats, protein, fiber, and enough calories to get you going — it’ll focus on what you really need to get over that morning bump. The SECRET? You can prepare many of these ingredients the night before. That way, you just have to pop them in the blender, pour the smoothie into your reusable cup, and…
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Healthy Delicious Recipes for Mother’s Day and Other Days !

Mother’s Day is over but we can always use these healthy recipes any day !     Passion Fruit Mimosas Toast to the important women in your life with this citrusy cocktail. These drinks are sweet, bright, and effervescent—just like Mom! Ingredients: Grenadine, passion fruit juice, prosecco, oranges   Cranberry-Citrus Muffins Pull a pan of…
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How to Read Nutrition Facts on Food Labels in 12 Steps

  Step 1 – Start with the “Serving Size”. At the top of the label, you will see the serving size and the number of servings per container. Serving sizes differ on each food label and may not equal the serving size you normally eat. If you eat twice the serving listed on the label,…
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Eat Fruits, Not Drink It

A team of scientists from Britain, Singapore, and the Harvard School of Public Health have found that while eating fruit lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, drinking fruit (in the form of juice) actually increases it . The study, which surveyed nearly 190,000 Britons over 24 years, found that blueberries were the best…
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5 Foods To Eat To Grow Older and Healthier

If you want to grow old and healthy, you must eat these 5 foods, as shared by Bernardo LaPallo, who is over 110 years old.   1. Garlic – If you aren’t already a fan of garlic, you will likely load up your kitchen with the food after reading all it has to offer. From preventing cancer to…
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3 Super Seeds that Will SUPERCHARGE Your Health

Nutrient-dense seeds are finally starting to get the attention that they deserve. Packed with healthy fats, protein, fiber and lots of minerals and vitamins, the following super seeds are an ideal addition to your meals to ensure you’re eating a balanced diet.   Chia seed Chia seeds are one of nature’s most perfect superfoods. Yes, they…
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Are You A Night Snacker

Are You A Night Snacker ?

    It’s not necessarily the time you eat that leads to weight gain, but the type of foods you tend to eat late at night. Favorite foods include the all-time favorite ice cream, potato chips, chocolate. Your body does not process food differently after dark, but nighttime tends to be the most sedentary time…
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3 Reasons Your Fat Tummy Is Not Going Away

3 Reasons Your Fat Tummy Is Not Going Away

    If you still can’t fit into that dream dress or suit, these could be the reasons   1. Short on Magnesium Our bodies require magnesium for our body chemical reactions, including keeping heart rhythm steady and regulating blood sugar levels. In addition to its health benefits, this nutrient also aid in weight loss and…
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