Couples Workout


Couples Workout

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Here are some tips on how to spend more time with your partner while exercising  more.



1. Boxing

  1. Punch 50 straights (standard punches, pictured below) and perform 5 squats. Do 5 to 10 sets.
  2. Punch 50 uppercuts and do 6 step lunges. Do 5 to 10 sets.
  3. Punch 50 hooks and do 5 sit-ups (5 to 10 sets).
  4. Punch 10 straight, 10 uppercuts, 10 hooks and do 3burpees (squat, jump back into a push-up, spring back into a squat and then jump up again). Do 5 to 10 sets.

Do one circuit 5 to 10 times, then rest while your partner does it. Once they’ve finished, move on to the next circuit.


2. Jump and drops

Jump training is a great way to get your heart rate racing. One partner lies face down on the floor. The other partner jumps sideways over their partner, lands softly, spins around and then jumps back. As soon as you land on the second jump, drop to the ground. The lying partner then jumps to their feet, ready to jump. The quick transition is the key to this exercise.

Reps: As many as you can in 2 minutes


3. The push-ups challenge

This is a great version of interval strength training. Both partners start kneeling. One partner starts off doing 2 push-ups. As soon as the first person finishes, the other person performs 2 push-ups (women can do these on their knees). Keep following this pattern until one of you can no longer continue. Count the total sets so you’ve got something to aim for next time. Make sure you have a full range of motion, with your chest touching the ground, for every push-up.

Reps: As many as you can


How to put it together

This is the pattern for your workout:

  • Warm-up – 400m jog (2 minutes).
  • Two full boxing rotations.
  • Jump and drops for 2 minutes.
  • Push-ups challenge.
  • Repeat jump and drops for another 2 minutes.
  • Cool down – 400m jog.
  • Stretch for five minutes.

Happy Coupling !