Exercising in a Group Vs. Exercising Alone


Exercising in a Group Vs. Exercising Alone

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Exercising in a Group Vs. Exercising Alone


Many get confused when it comes to exercising alone compared to exercising in a group. It is indeed a perplexing decision. To help make a better decision, this article will guide you on the benefits of exercising in a group, along with the scenarios when exercising alone and what can be more feasible for you. Moreover, this will also help you understand why exercising in a group might be a better option for you.

Pain Tolerance

Research suggests that individuals who exercise in a group are able to tolerate pain better than individuals who exercise alone. This means that you will be better able to manage all the bodily stress related to a good workout without giving up. Group exercises help you keep motivated; allowing you to push yourself harder and further. This is owing to the fact that our body produces increased amounts of endorphin when we exercise in a group. This helps block the pain and is linked with higher pain tolerance and also allows you to feel better and happier about yourself.


Studies suggest that people are more likely to stick to their workout regimen when they exercise in a group rather than those who exercise alone. Individuals who exercise in a group reported that they stay motivated to carry out their workout regimen as this also allows them a little competition, which keeps them going.


The company of like-minded people makes it easier for people to stick to their daily workout regimen. Besides this also gives them an opportunity to socialize with the different people who share common interests.

Professional Guidance

Since group exercises are usually carried out under the supervision and guidance of the professionals and experts of the fields, it allows people to have access to professional trainers. Therefore, participating in fitness boot camp Singapore will allow you access to professional advice, guidance and training.

Conducive Environment

People report that the professional environment which is linked with exercising in a group encourages them to perform better and excel, an important element that is often lacking when they exercise alone.

Healthy Lifestyle

Professional guidance of the experts allows you to develop an overall healthier lifestyle that also entails making healthy food choices along with physical activity.

The Fun Element

People report that exercising in a group is more fun and a far more entertaining than exercising alone and is something that makes them forget that their initial objective was to exercise.

Broad Range of Exercises

Exercising in a group also allows you to exercise your body as professional guidance lays out a more elaborate plan that makes sure that you exercise your whole body out. Therefore, group exercises in fitness boot camp Singapore are more structured as compared to the exercise alone option.

Access to Equipment

It also allows you to have access to expensive and latest workout equipments allowing you to efficiently workout.

Better Suited To Meet Fitness Objectives

Exercising in a group under trained and experienced fitness professionals is the best option for all those who are more goal-oriented. For example, those focused on building muscles and abs. The kind of guidance and equipment required for successfully fulfilling these goals are more easily accessible in a more professional exercise environment moreover, in a more economical manner too.

Elaborate and Comprehensive

Exercising in a group is a more elaborate and comprehensive process than exercising alone as this allows you being guided by nutrition experts that create a more comprehensive food guide and advise on eating healthy foods that can result in boosting your efforts. This makes fitness boot camp Singapore the ideal platform for those who are looking for complete fitness and health advice.

Exercising Alone

However, exercising alone can be a good option for those who prefer not to go to recreational facilities. For example, people that just cannot take out the time to attend a fitness boot camp or those are rather shy and would not like to be a part of an exercise group. Plus, exercising at home is also good for those who prefer to do their own research when it comes to creating a diet plan and noting down the essential workout plans.

Similarly, people who don’t have any particular fitness objectives and are merely looking to add exercise as a part of physical activity in their lives along with those who face mobility issues may also prefer exercising alone. For example, it can become a bit difficult for senior citizens to form a routine necessary for a fitness boot camp. This can be due to several health and mobility related complications.

Though exercising in a group has its clear advantages over exercising alone, at home exercising can be a more feasible option for those who prefer greater freedom, flexibility and are faced with mobility issues.


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