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3 Biggest Workout Mistakes

When it comes to exercise, mistakes happen. We all make them. Here are the 3 biggest workout mistakes commonly made.  1) Avoiding Strength Training Cardio-only workouts are ok to do once in a while, but if you’re not strength training, you’re missing out on some big benefits. Strength training doesn’t have to involve doing heavy shoulder presses or…
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10 Foods That Will Accelerate the Fat Burning Process

For all those who are trying to lose weight, health practitioners suggest that a combination of a healthy diet and exercise can help them shed the extra pounds.  If you are also trying to lose weight then switching to certain foods can actually help you accelerate the fat burning process in your body and lose…
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Does A Healthy Body Promote A Healthy Mind?

  The mind and body are connected and emotions play a large part in determining one’s physical status. The mind and body balance is important as it is a feedback loop and they both thrive on each other. Each of us strives hard to lose weight whereas we should be trying to maintain a healthy…
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