Why Should You Take Your Workout Outside? – The Benefits of Exercising Outdoors


Why Should You Take Your Workout Outside? – The Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

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Why Should You Take Your Workout Outside The Benefits of Exercising Outdoors


While working out in the gym is quite convenient due to its climate-controlled environment and top-notch facilities, science suggests taking your workout outside provides multiple benefits over indoor workouts. Undoubtedly, nothing can beat the numerous benefits nature has to offer, but the question here is: Will exercising outdoors be just as effective?

Well, yes, that’s because our body weight can be used to build muscles just as effectively as by hitting the gym and lifting some iron. You just need something to pull or push on, as well as some open space so you can activate all your muscles by moving your body. Still not convinced?

Read on, as this article discusses the reasons to exercise outdoors, as well as the benefits you can gain by doing so.

Reasons to Take Your Workouts Outside

You Will Exercise Longer

Almost every gym goer will agree that time travels much faster when you are not in the gym. Now, why is that so? Well some experts believe it’s because of boredom and coming to think of it from that perspective, it surely makes sense, as you have nothing more to concentrate on other than a boring flat gym floor. However, the scenario of working out outside is completely different.

You have the environment to distract you, thus making you less aware of your efforts, so much so, you might even double the duration of your normal workout routine without even noticing it.

You Will Be Happier

When you breathe in fresh air instead of the recycled kind, your body releases endorphin, which leads to a feeling of euphoria. As a result, your mind responds better to the workout, consequently resulting in you working even harder. Moreover, according to a report by Environmental Science and Technology, exercising outdoors also creates feelings of energy, positivity and revitalization.

This means that even after doing something as simple as walking in the park, you will feel less stressed as compared to walking indoors where you will really feel stressed out.

You Will Save Money

And of course, there is the monetary benefit associated with exercising outdoors as well. Let’s face it: gym memberships do not come cheap. This can also be a real waste if you do not show up at the gym regularly.

Health Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

So, what are the benefits of exercising outdoors? It really doesn’t matter what type of exercise you prefer, working out outdoors provides several health benefits. However, it is advised you contact your healthcare provider before starting new exercise plans, especially if you have any medical condition. So, in the following paragraphs, we have discussed some key health benefits of outdoor exercise.

Higher Vitamin D Levels

As you already know, sunlight is the primary source of Vitamin D and there is an abundance of it outdoors. Limited exposure to the sunlight will increase Vitamin D levels in your body and decrease the risk of asthma, rickets, autoimmune disorders and thyroid disease. Furthermore, Vitamin D also speeds up the body’s process of absorbing calcium.

This means exercising outdoors can aid your body in processing muscle and bone-strengthening calcium.

Lower Risk of Being Overweight

The scenery, the fresh air, the open space, the sunlight – there are so many things about the outdoors that can inspire you to be more active, especially when compared to indoor spaces. Even if the movement is minimal, it gradually adds up, thus reducing the risk of you becoming overweight. According to a study published in 2008, the rate of overweight children who spent most of their time outdoors was 41% lower compared to those who spent most of their time indoors.

Burns More Calories

Undoubtedly, gym machines, such as the stationary bike, treadmill and elliptical trainer, are effective calorie burners. However, you can raise the bar and challenge yourself even further by cycling on the diverse terrain of a park. Did you know temperature also plays an important role in your workouts? The hotter the environment, the harder it is for your body to cool down. As a result, you can torch up 7% more calories just by exercising outside.

Improved Concentration & Focus

When you exercise outdoors, you will come across changing scenery and terrain. Therefore, your mind has to focus differently each time. This serves as an effective way to enhance concentration and focus.

As you can see, there are several benefits associated with outdoor exercise. So much so, almost every fitness bootcamp in Singapore places significant importance on exercising outdoors. So, if you want to reap the above mentioned benefits and much more, it is time you take your workout sessions from the indoors to the outdoors. Not only will you perform and feel better, but you will also be to stay on track to achieving your fitness goals.


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